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Interviews Sub Pop 30

"We Accept, We're Pretty Damn Grungy": Mudhoney Reflect on 30 Years Together

Grunge godfathers Mudhoney celebrate three decades of noise in this spirited Turntable Session talk in the KEXP Gathering Space.

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Rewind Sub Pop 30

Double Take: Revisiting Shabazz Palaces' 2017 Quazarz Parallel Albums

On Double Take, KEXP's dynamic duo of Martin Douglas and Dusty Henry explore the great double-albums in history by each focusing on one part's musical, lyrical, and historic themes. First up are the parallel albums released by Shabazz Palaces on the same day in 2017: Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Sta…

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Interviews Sub Pop 30

We F*cking Talked With the F*cking CEO of Sub Pop, Megan F*cking Jasper

We f*cking talked to the f*cking master of swearing, Megan f*cking Jasper, about her journey from stuffing Cat Butt records as intern to running the whole goddamn label.

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Throwaway Style Sub Pop 30 Local Music

Throwaway Style: Five Essential Hardly Art-Released Singles

After celebrating the influence and legacy for Sub Pop for months, Martin Douglas decided their outstanding sister label should also get some love. Here are five essential songs from the Hardly Art's increasingly storied history.

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Interviews Sub Pop 30

30 Years Being Losers: Sub Pop's Bruce Pavitt, Jonathan Poneman, and Megan Jasper Look Back on the Label's History

Three giants of Sub Pop look back at the label's incredible and still enduring run, from Green River to Fleet Foxes.

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Interviews Sub Pop 30

LVL UP Says Goodbye: After Nearly 8 Years, the Sub Pop Band Talks Breaking Up and What’s Next

The New York indie rock outfit talks about their eight years as a band, being signed to Sub Pop, DIY culture, and each members' new projects.

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Sub Pop 30

New Off the Spaceship: A Bluffer's Guide to Black Constellation

Ahead of this Sub Pop's Turntable Session with Black Constellation on Aug. 2, KEXP offers a brief overview of the interstellar collective.

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Rewind Sub Pop 30 Local Music

A Hood Pedigree of Syndicates and Felonies: A Look at Shabazz Palaces' Lese Majesty

In this edition of Rewind, Martin Douglas explores Shabazz Palaces' odyssey-like sophomore album, which surveys its environment with more street savvy than the group is often given credit for.

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Sub Pop 30 Music News

Father John Misty, Bully, and Hot Snakes Added to Sub Pop’s SPF30 Lineup

Plus the label announces new split singles from Mudhoney & Hot Snakes, Shabazz Palaces & Chad VanGaalen, Frankie Cosmos & LVL Up, as well as METZ & Clipping

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From the Archives:


Sub Pop 30th Anniversary Count-Up

In 2018, KEXP celebrated the 30th anniversary of local record label Sub Pop with a four-month retrospective, "counting up" every catalog number in their vast discography of over 1,200 releases. Dig into the archives of our catalog coverage, featuring in-depth coverage on the history of their releases.