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We Stand in Solidarity

KEXP is committed to becoming an anti-racist organization. We mourn the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and all victims of racial injustice and police brutality. Black Lives Matter. We stand in solidarity with protestors across the nation who are calling for justice and accountability. 

We are a white-led organization with a majority-white staff, and has a majority-white audience. We are a part of a music industry that has been and continues to be exploitative of people of color, and Black musicians specifically. We're also part of a media industry that has marginalized Black and Brown voices, and a nonprofit sector that has centered and valued the contributions and expertise of white people above those of Black people and people of color. Beyond this, we are living through a global pandemic that is having an outsized impact on people of color.

KEXP has not been exempt from these patterns of injustice, and in fact we have benefited from our position of privilege. We acknowledge this, and know that we have much work to do. We also acknowledge that this statement itself is late in coming, and insufficient on its own. In all sincerity, the current situation made us take a hard look at the voices invited to craft these types of statements, and we realized that if we talked about inclusion, we needed a statement that synthesized the input of the entire organization, especially the Black staff in our community. 

We are learning and listening, with particular attention to Black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) voices in our community. We are working on creating pathways forward to further center and uplift BIPOC voices as we work towards becoming an anti-racist organization.

Anti-Racist and Social Justice Resources

An Open Letter to My White Allies by KEXP Writer Martin Douglas

Live on KEXP at Home

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Through the stay at home orders, we’re dedicated to bringing you new live performances. Each Tuesday and Thursday, we’ll share a live streaming performance through our new series, Live on KEXP at Home. Hosted by trusted KEXP DJs, musical guests perform sets live, either solo or with their quarantined partners. 

LIVE from Iceland Airwaves 2019

KEXP was live from Reykjavik for the 2019 Iceland Airwaves, broadcasting from Kex Hostel. Watch video below of some of our incredible sessions and click the artist name to read an interview with them. We'll be rolling out more video from these sessions over the following weeks. Keep checking back to discover more amazing music from Iceland and beyond!

KEXP News & Reviews


Perfect In My Mind: Chicago’s NNAMDÏ on BRAT, Blurring Genre and Making Art in a Turbulent World

If there’s anything consistent in Chicago artist NNAMDÏ’s music, it’s that he never stays in one place for very long. Trying to define his music by a singular genre is a futile task. An experimentalist that follows his creative whims, NNAMDÏ’s albums are thrilling bouts of sonic whiplash.

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Sound and Vision

Sound & Vision: DJ Abbie on Why This is the Moment for Fiona Apple's Fetch the Bolt Cutters

The KEXP DJ spoke with Sound & Vision host Emily Fox about why self-isolation is the perfect time to process Fiona Apple's first album in eight years.

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Local Music Album Reviews

Made Those Dreams Inside a Cash App: Shabazz Palaces' The Don of Diamond Dreams

Martin Douglas explores the astral soundscapes of the Seattle duo's fifth full-length.

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KEXP and the University of Washington
KEXP and the University of Washington
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We did the math on what we needed to raise during the Fall drive this year, and it was $666,135. With that in mind, we asked KEXP Listeners to vote for their favorite records so we can countdown your top 666 albums throughout the drive. Check out the full list

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