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Become a KEXP volunteer today!

Thank you for your interest in KEXP's Volunteer Program! Volunteers must be at least 15 years of age. We look for individuals who have a love of music and passion for KEXP's mission to enrich lives by championing music and discovery.

Questions? Email . Thank you for keeping KEXP listener powered!

Current Volunteer Opportunities 

Our volunteer openings are currently limited. Please see what's available below:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I start volunteering?
    • The best way to hear about volunteer openings is by regularly checking out our website or by registering with us on Shiftboard. If you're on Shiftboard, you'll receive emails about volunteer position applications as they become available. We currently have a very limited number of volunteer openings.
  • Why didn’t I get the volunteer position I applied for?
    • On average, we receive 40 applications for every one volunteer opening we have. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer volunteer positions to everyone that applies, but please know that we’ll be keeping your application in mind for any relevant opportunities that may come up in the future. We’re also trying to build up our capacity to create more volunteer positions!
  • Can I volunteer at KEXP if I don’t live in Seattle? 
    • Yes, please be on the lookout for our remote volunteer openings.
  • How much time can I spend volunteering at KEXP? 
    • We encourage volunteers to do no more than 4 hours a week. Volunteer positions that are filled through an application and interview process are typically commitments of 6 months- often with the option to renew. Other short-term or one-off volunteer opportunities will be clearly labeled. 
  • I have a specialized skill that I want to volunteer, how can I get started? 
    • An in-kind donor is someone who donates their professional skills as a volunteer. Examples of in-kind donors include volunteer software developers and marketing consultants. For these volunteers, their volunteer contribution is a donation of services, which may qualify them to be a part of one of our special giving clubs, eligible for thank you gifts and invitations to special (virtual) events. Please contact if you are interested in becoming a volunteer in-kind donor. 
  • My company matches volunteer hours, can I match volunteer hours at KEXP? 
    • As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, KEXP is eligible for many employers’ volunteer hour matching programs. Check out your workplace intranet or contact your HR department for information on submitting your volunteer hours for a match. Check out Businesses with Volunteer Hour Matching Program.
  • Can you create a volunteer position for me? 
    • If you have a skill or area of knowledge that you want to learn about at KEXP, you can reach out to We will contact you if there’s a good volunteer position fit, although please keep in mind that volunteer spots are still limited! We especially encourage BIPOC folks, youth, people with disabilities, as well as people needing to fulfill community service hours to reach out to us about their volunteer interests. 
  • I used to volunteer and I want to volunteer again! 
    • Thank you for volunteering with us in the past! We receive far more volunteer applications than positions available, and we want the Volunteer Engagement Program to be accessible to community members who haven’t had a chance to volunteer yet. We hope to find a volunteer opening for you. Until we have greater capacity to bring on more volunteers, we are currently prioritizing community members who haven’t had a chance to be involved with KEXP.

Are you looking for additional, music-related volunteer opportunities in the community? Check out these organizations: