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Artist Meagan Boyd Conveys the Cosmic Unity on Emma-Jean Thackray's New Album, Yellow

Two "beautiful earthy cosmic hippie goddess(es)" collaborate on the cover for Emma-Jean Thackray's latest LP Yellow.

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Throwing Muses' Limbo Turns 25: Kristin Hersh & Gilbert Hernandez on the Album Artwork and More

As the Throwing Muses album Limbo turns 25 today, KEXP resurfaces an old interview with frontwoman Kristin Hersh and legendary comic artist book artist Gilbert Hernandez, who did the album artwork.

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From the Archives:


Sub Pop 30th Anniversary Count-Up

In 2018, KEXP celebrated theĀ 30th anniversary of local record label Sub Pop with a four-month retrospective, "counting up" every catalog number in their vast discography of over 1,200 releases. Dig into the archives of ourĀ catalog coverage, featuring in-depth coverage on the history of their releases.