Sound & Vision: NPR Tiny Desk Contest Winner Quinn Christopherson on Finding His Voice

Sound and Vision
Emily Fox
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NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest is coming to KEXP’s Gathering Space on Tuesday. That night, the Tiny Desk Contest winner, Quinn Christopherson will share the stage with three local acts. Christopherson is an Alaskan based songwriter. The song he entered into this year's contest is about his gender transtion.

On Human Rights

People are just trying to take away my human rights, and it's tough because I'm just like a small person. I can't really do anything on a big scale so that's all I'm trying to do. I'm just trying to give a voice... Just recently, Anchorage — where I live and where I'm from — had a bathroom bill up for proposition and it was a really hard time for me because I do live in a red state and it was crazy that people were just trying to take away my rights to use the restroom in a public place. It was so stressful.

On His Winning Track "Erase Me"

...when I wrote the song "Erase Me," I wrote it the the night that Alyse Galvin, who ran to be Alaska's First Congresswoman, lost and she lost in my opinion solely because she was a woman because she was the best candidate and she's amazing and incredible and when she lost, that kind of rocked my world and it made me think about all all of my newfound privilege, things that have been handed to me now that I am this passing man. Yet it was so tough before, you know, so at least losing that race really put things into perspective for me. 

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