Feedback: Coulter Leslie of the National Honor Society

Owen Murphy

Welcome to the latest edition of Feedback, a look (down) at the pedal boards and equipment of some of our favorite musicians. Today, KEXP's Owen Murphy chats with Coulter Leslie, guitarist for Seattle's own The National Honor Society.

The National Honor Society play this Friday as part of the Seagaze Festival, a four-day shoegaze, post-punk, and psych-rock extravaganza held on April 18–19 & April 24–28 at the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery. Tune in to the Morning Show Thursday, April 25th as DJ John Richards celebrates the genre with four hours of sonic bliss, and check out previous editions of Feedback for more gear geekery. 

This is the Green Line distortion pedal from Smart People Factory. I've had this pedal for almost 15 years.  They were made by a local boutique pedal company called Smart People Factory, who I don't think are around anymore, sadly.  It gives incisors to the Vox AC30's natural growl.

Nothing has officially been released from our album yet (produced by Erik Blood), but [here's] a video that Kyle Porter just finished up for one of the tracks.

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