Feedback: Matt Levine of Soft Science

Owen Murphy
photo by Chantel Elder

Welcome to the latest edition of Feedback, a look (down) at the pedal boards and equipment of some of our favorite musicians. Today, KEXP's Owen Murphy hits up Matt Levine, guitarist for Sacramento-based shoegazers Soft Science.

Soft Science are another band playing this year's Seagaze Festival, a four-day shoegaze, post-punk, and psych-rock extravaganza held on April 18–19 & April 24–28 at the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery. Tune in to the Morning Show on Thursday, April 25th as DJ John Richards celebrates the genre with four hours of sonic bliss, including a live performance from Soft Science at 9:30 AM PST

Compared to many shoegaze/dream pop outfits, my setup is rather simple, but each item is critical. My goal is to create a tone on the brink. One that walks a fine line between control and chaos with varying degrees of chorus, delay, reverb and gain.

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