Mastersystem Releases New Video In Tribute to Scott Hutchison

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Jasmine Albertson
photo by Sally Lockey

Before Scott Hutchison’s tragic death, he released one last album with sibling supergroup Mastersystem, made up of his brother and Frightened Rabbit bandmate Grant Hutchison plus Editor’s Justin Lockey and his brother/Minor Victories bandmate James Lockey. Dance Music was the sole album the band released. Today, the surviving members have shared a video for album single “Old Team” which comprises footage from “the first and last Mastersystem tour.”

“The great thing about it is it just shows a bunch of fellas having the best time, ripping the piss out of each other, laughing and doing some shows,” says the band in a statement. “There’s something brilliant about this… something free of the pressure that bands can turn into… That’s what mastersystem was all about, just a record, a band built from going back to how we all started, throwing riffs and chords around until it sounds like a tune. No fuss.”

“This was Scott’s favorite tune on the record, and the spark that lit the paper that led to the whole mastersystem album,” they continue. “It was always in our plans to be THE single off the record. We’re very fucking proud of it, which is why we’re honouring our original plans to put it out. It will now not be the thing to propel mastersystem into new places, but serve as a monument to all involved and all that listened… That we made a class record that we all believed in.”

“Old Team” will be released on a limited run of 500 vinyl, with all proceeds going to the Scott Hutchison Fund. Watch the “Old Team” video and Frightened Rabbit’s 2016 KEXP in-studio performance below.

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