Sasquatch! Music Festival, Day 3: Kyle Craft

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Matthew Howland
all photos by Brady Harvey

For the uninitiated, Kyle Craft can sing. At once raspy, evocative, and grandiose, Mr. Craft's voice sounds straight from his soul, imbuing his music with an immediate punch and anchor. His voice was the clear focal point of an excellent performance at Day 3 of Sasquatch Music Festival at the Yeti Stage, drawing a small but enthusiastic crowd. Craft's band proved particularly tight, every instrument clear in the mix, which further bolstered material from his Sub Pop debut LP, Dolls of Highland. However, Craft was not afraid to change gears, constantly varying the tone and mood of the set, including two tracks performed by his lonesome, accompanied by piano.

The imagery in Craft's music remained at the forefront of the set -- his songs depict characters and ghosts that would feel at home in a Raymond Chandler novel. Whether singing about the woman dressed in a white fur coat on new standout track "The Rager," or the titular "Lady of the Ark," Craft's characters are brought to life by his music, a talent which echoes the music of Bob Dylan and Robyn Hitchcock, among other greats. On the set's closing track, the mighty "Pentecost," Craft's voice reached an emotional peak as he asked a friend to "take the one in the chamber out," the music swelling around him before slowly fading into the 80-degree heat.





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