Bumbershoot 2016, Day 1: Bob Moses, Snuff Redux, and More Things to Do

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Anna Rogers
photo by Sarah O'Connor

Snuff Redux 

Following a rainy morning at Seattle Center, Snuff Redux kicked off the local music showcase in KEXP’s Gathering Space on Friday afternoon.  The garage-punk up-and-comers performed to a damp, but enthusiastic crowd that grew steadily throughout the set.  It’s a rare artist that can get an audience dancing at 3 pm, but Snuff Redux fans unabashedly matched the youthful, quirky energy present on stage.  Lead singer and guitarist Skyler Ford expressed the bands’ gratitude and excitement to be playing on the same stage as Donormaal, Chastity Belt and Fly Moon Royalty, all scheduled to play on the KEXP stage Friday.

Since the release of their first EP, Toy Kingdom, Snuff Redux have toured the left half of the US, were part of last year's Capitol Hill Block Party, and have been playing small local shows on the regular, building a strong fan base and refining their live shows. We’ll surely be seeing more of these guys in the future.

photo by Sarah O'Connor

photo by Alex Crick

photo by Alex Crick

Bob Moses

At 5pm, Brooklyn's Bob Moses (named for the NYC city planner) played at the Fisher Green Stage to a crowd decked in short-shorts and crop-tops alongside North Face jackets and rubber boots. Those watching the performance faced sunny blue skies, while the artists looked out at an ominous grey cloud cover moving swiftly overhead.

Despite the impending gloom, the audience happily filled out the green, dancing and head-bopping, some plopping down on blankets to enjoy the mellow grooves of the electronic trio.  The usual duo, Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie, have added a drummer to their crew, adding a dance-able new dimension to the usual smooth keyboard, guitar, and vocals.

Sub Pop Store // photo by Anna Rogers

Comedian Whitmer Thomas // photo by Ana Coto

If you’re at Bumbershoot this weekend, don’t forget, there’s much, much more than live music going on.  Stop into the Sub Pop Records store to check out some art and shop for records, books, posters, and other memorabilia from the beloved Seattle label. Even if you’re not in the shopping mood, you can plop down on their couch and do some people-watching through their well-located windows, facing out to the fountain, and nearby beer and wine booths. After that, you can pop next door to check out some cool ceramic art from Pottery Northwest, or wander over to EMP for their Silent Disco at their Sky Church.  This one is especially worth attending if you aren’t familiar with the pop culture museum, a Seattle staple.

For performances of the non-band variety, you have a couple of great options. At 6:15, 7:15, 8:15 and 9:15 every night you can head over to the Pacific Science Center Laser Dome  for a well-designed laser show set to the music of Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Prince, and the classic, Pink Floyd- all highly recommended, whatever state of mind you’re in. It’s also a nice chance to lie down (or sit)  and zone out after a long day of show-hopping. If you’re near the KEXP stage, which we sure hope you will be, you can also head over to our neighbors at the Vera Project for an excellent comedy showcase. It’s a great break from the hustle and bustle outside, and the Vera Project has reorganized their performance area beautifully with sitting room, standing room, and dark private booths in the back. You especially won’t want to miss up-and-coming LA comics Whitmer Thomas and Kate Berlant, who will be performing at both the Vera Project and Teatro Zinzani on the remaining days of Bumbershoot.

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