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Review Revue
Levi Fuller

Well, now I'm depressed. I just did some math, and it turns out that in 1990, when John Doe took a break after having released six albums as a member of the legendary punk rock band X (see here for #6) and released his first solo album - as practically an elder statesman of punk rock - he was 3 years younger than I am now. I should know better than to compare my own meager accomplishments with those of legends and heroes, but every once in a while something like that pops up and you go "crap, I'm old. And not particularly accomplished."

Well, Mr. Doe is incredibly accomplished, having released several more solo albums as well as further work with X and The Knitters - oh, and he's been in a bunch of movies and TV shows too. All this, and I just looked at his tour page and he's playing a tiny venue in my hometown on a Sunday night for $15. And now I've made you depressed. Anyway, if you should find yourself near Cambridge, Massachusetts this October 25th, you know what to do.

"All right, but not great. Not too 'slick' for my taste, but a little too 'straight ahead.' Country- & blues-ish @ times, but mainly rootsy rock. Richard Lloyd [him again!] plays guitar on some tunes. Also featured are Julie Christensen (Divine Horsemen), John Hiatt, & Vicky Peterson (The Bangles!)."

"One of the songs is written by John Hiatt (1-5). Another co-written with X-wife Exene (surprise, surprise!). A solid album that gets better w/each listen. The best song (2-2), sadly, is a red-dot."

"Very different from the sound of X. More country and folk oriented. John's vocals are clear as always. Richard Lloyd does some excellent guitar work, especially on 'My Offering.'"

"This disc deserves more respect - put it back to M fercrissakes we're welcoming him to the Bis [?] on 8/8!!"

"I second that opinion."

"I't's like the best of country-X."

"As I write this in late September of 1990, having listened to this album numerous times, I have to say it's a minor classic and easily one of the 10 best albums of the year, in any genre. An inspiration."

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