Review Revue: Die Kreuzen - Die Kreuzen

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

Die Kreuzen is one of the many bands of the '80s and '90s about whom my principal awareness derives from having seen their records in the bins at my usual Harvard Square haunts (I've always been much more of a browser than a buyer, alas). Since I studied German for all four years of high school, I knew enough not to pronounce their name "Dye Cruisin'," which was a lot more than many listeners and DJs of the time could say. (At this point, I could barely order a falafel sandwich in German, but at least I know how to pronounce the names of obscure Midwestern punk bands!) I'm glad to see someone here at KCMU was helping spread the word on that front, and many were singing the praises of, you know, the actual music (and the album cover).

"Oh MY GOD!!! Warning: This record can cause severe mental and physical breakdown. This is blues - no shit. It comes from the soul (or at least where the soul used to be). Dan's vocals can rip out your heart. You may not want to put yourself through this. For me THIS IS NECESSARY!" (Trivia: They're from Wisconsin.)"

[Comment completely crossed out by heavy pen marks. Perhaps about scratches on the record? The last word appears to be "unplayable."]

"PRONOUNCED: Dee Kroitzen (it's German meaning The Crosses)"

"Always one of my fave record covers."

"Sounds too much like In God We Trust, Inc. though."

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