Live Video: Phantogram at The Triple Door

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photo by Dave Lichterman (view set)

Phantogram can't help but fire up your passion. The upstate New York electro pop duo of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter came on strong with their seductive self-titled EP back in 2009, which they followed with two increasingly alluring LPs quickly in the next two years, but then left us hot and bothered since then. Okay, they've toured a bit during that time and collaborated with heavy hitters like Big Boi and The Flaming Lips, so it was hard to feel totally neglected, but news of their forthcoming LP sure felt like a satisfying embrace. Just after Valentines Day, you'll hear Voices whispered in your ears, but until then, we're happy to share their recent session recorded live at the Triple Door as part of KEXP's VIP Club concert series.

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