To Another Dimension – New Music Round-Up by DJ Transmitter

Szymon Gołąb

On May 22, KEXP celebrates World Goth Day. To commemorate the occasion, Szymon Gołąb aka DJ Transmitter – founder of Wave Press Blog – shares recommendations for new cold wave, post-punk, minimal wave, synth wave, italo disco and dark pop.  

Music is an invitation to other dimensions. They can be: human memory and feelings, distant lands that you want (or must) visit, somewhat forgotten styles in art, what you can not see every day, the immaterial world, or simply the rhythm that begins to guide you like in the excellent film "Magic Sticks" directed by Peter Keglevic from 1987 (highly recommended!). 

Music that brings us closer to other dimensions can be the most beautiful and we often want to return to it. Here are a few such works of performers, more or less associated with the "gothic" trend in the latest music. Pay attention to the correspondence between music and images. Unfortunately, no music videos were made for two recordings, but it is worth listening to them – musicians from Indonesia will play: Coldvvave - "Remember This, As Always! (feat. Wednes Mandra of Rabu)" and Set Grief Rudiment – "Melancholic Despair".

Zanias – "Metrics" 

"Seems I am not… for this world”. Second single from new LP Chrysalis by Zanias (ex Linea Aspera, Keluar) is making statement. 

Jonathan Bree – "Destiny"

He knows everything about the love. “So sweet and oh so low”. Listen to the “Destiny” from Jonathan Bree new LP Pre-Code Hollywood. In this song you can also hear another great artist from New Zealand – Chelsea Nikkel (Princess Chelsea).  

Princess Chelsea – "Time' 

“All the scars of yesterday will hurt a little less”. I like this music video for “Time” from LP “Everything Is Going To Be Alright” by Princess Chelsea, reminds me the best era of Italian “Giallo” movies. 

Holy Wire – "Phantom Nihilism'

“but you don’t know what it’s like
to move beyond the walls
into the world beyond
no you don’t know what it’s like”

Holy Wire is New Wave artist from Austin, Texas.  I think that all of his songs are about “how ghosts affects relationships”.

Belgrado – "Boixar"

“Boixar” was the first single from the new LP Intra Apogeum with beautiful B&W video. This band from Barcelona record the best album of the year 2023 in… Polish post-punk music.

Camlann – "Batavia Paranoia"

Camlann is the Dark Disco duo from Jakarta, Indonesia. They sing about difficult things – just listen to “Batavia Paranoia” from their third LP Train to 86th Street (2022).

Coldvvave - "Remember This, As Always!' (feat. Wednes Mandra of Rabu)

Cold sound from tropical island. “Remember This, As Always!” is my favourite track from their eigengrau (2020).

Set Grief Rudiment – "Melancholic Despair'

This minimal synth project from Bintang, Indonesia published only two tracks on the Web in July 2022. I definitely want more!

Bram Droulers – "Blue Tomorrows"

Bram Droulers is talented young filmmaker and musician from London.  He’s got the taste and knows how to make the pictures connecting with his dreamy cold wave sounds.

Womb – "Dust to Dust"

In the end of this round-up dream away with this beautiful ethereal ballad by Womb, band from Wellington, New Zealand.


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