Seattle’s Archie Embodies The Ethos of “Power” in New Music Video

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Dusty Henry

Back in 2019 – firmly in the “before times” – Archie was in a period of transition. She was shedding her former name PSA, reintroducing herself to the world, balancing her introspective tendencies with her newly found love for creating and performing (a “shycon,” if you will). She came out swinging with her 613 EP, including the electric singles “Summation” and “Bad Bitch.” Then 2020 sent us all both into our homes and then out into the streets and into an age of uncertainty. With the world in disarray, Archie emerged with a bona fide anthem.

“Power,” per its name, is one of Archie’s most confident, vigorous, and all-around irresistible singles yet. The song’s propulsive production and Archie’s pop-powerhouse vocals feel like yet another reemergence. Instead of being dragged down in the murk of a verified shitty year, “Power” is an act of perseverance both in its themes and the very act of its creation. To make a song like this in these times is bold and inspiring. It practically demands a visual just as commanding, and we’re finally getting that today with the debut of the new music video.

Archie shares with KEXP her thoughts on the song and video:

“My favorite definitions of 'Power' are as follows: 1. ability to act or produce an effect, and 2. a source or means of supplying energy. The ability to act and cause an effect and a source or means of energy-when I think about my life's purpose it can really be boiled down to these concepts. Like many, I have not long-lived in my power–often having my little flame of confidence snuffed out by those who felt better when I felt powerless. This song is about waking up to the con and turning the generator on. I wrote this song with Kyle Bane (AKA Manica-an amazing songwriter and Drag performer) a couple years ago and it became an instant favorite for me – also a first as I had never co-written with someone before. The video was as effortless and joyful as the songwriting process and I'm just so proud of how it turned out. I produced this video and had such high hopes and it smashed them all. None of us had worked together before and to come together so well, many of us meeting for the first time day of just blew me away.”

In the video, Archie embodies the entire ethos of the song. She commands the screen in different outfits, poses, and stellar set designs. “Power” radiates from its creator as she ascends to whatever next level she’s clearly about to breach next. Watch the video below.

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