FRETLAND Revisit the Pandemically Desolate Paramount for "Do You Think Of Me" Video (KEXP Premiere)

KEXP Premiere
Jasmine Albertson
photo by Christine Mitchell

I think I can speak unanimously and quite obviously when I say we’ve all fantasized about returning to our favorite venues over the past year. While things are looking promising, with other countries (ahem New Zealand and Australia) essentially eradicating Covid and a (hopefully, not lofty) goal of having every American vaccinated by May, we’re still probably a ways off from visiting the historic hallowed halls of beloved spaces we once joyously frequented.

That is, unless you’re a band that has a beautiful partnership between Seattle's food, arts, dance and music community. Then, perhaps, you’ll get the Paramount all to yourself during a global pandemic to shoot a music video.

Sounding like the start to an inappropriate joke that your drunk uncle might make, a chef, a dancer, and a folk band walk into a music venue...and apparently magic happens (sorry, drunk uncle). As the story goes, this whole idea started when FRETLAND played the Supper Club at The Paragon and met Chef Stephan Bourgond and his husband Lucien Postlewaite, Principal Dancer at Pacific Northwest Ballet. They bonded over many things including their mutual love for fig leaf ice cream. This prompted Stephan to offer the FRETLAND Fig Leaf Ice Cream at The Paragon made with fig leaves from Hillary's garden, and that was just the beginning of this sweet friendship.

The evening was beyond splendid and it wasn't lost on Hillary that this all just took place where Brandi Carlile got her start. On the way home, Hillary's cheeks were sore from smiling so much and it hit her that Stephan and Lucien were the perfect couple to bring the “Do You Think of Me” story to life. The two of them performing and dancing as a couple would make the video. But, where?

Lucien and Stephan loved the idea of bringing what they love to the song and video. And within mere weeks, they reached out to Seattle Theater Group (STG) to see about using one of their theaters. In November, STG delivered the news that the concept was a perfect match and that they'd offer up the Paramount Theater for the project.

FRETLAND has continued to play a Supper Club live stream at The Paragon and the restaurant has even hosted the dance rehearsals for Stephan and Lucien, choreographed by Bruno Roque. The video was produced and edited by Seattle creative Henry Wurtz, and was filmed safely with a skeleton crew in December. The final product bears witness to a true collaboration amongst passionate artists in Seattle’s rich scene, all during a pandemic.

Hillary Grace Fretland, founder of the band spoke about “One More Try” saying, “Chemistry can be a lot of things; spiritual, physical, fleeting. There’s an obvious connection between these two characters. In my mind they represent a spark that they’ll revisit and replay for a long time. It’s probably unhealthy but I think it’s a lovely mystery and so human.”

FRETLAND are wasting no time in preparing their sophomore album after just releasing their self-titled debut last year. It makes sense, considering they never got a proper (or any) tour after their last one, so onwards and upwards seems like a healthy mentality. Said sophomore record, Could Have Loved You, features “Do You Think Of Me” as well as recent singles "One More Try," "Too Much," and the title track and is out March 26 on Soundly Music. The nine tenderly lovelorn tracks on the album tell tales of loves lost and lessons learned. Produced by Nich Wilbur (Angel Olsen, Black Belt Eagle Scout) and mixed by Trevor Spencer (Father John Misty, Fleet Foxes), it's equal parts Nashville country and Northwest indie rock, dappled with the atmospheres of U.K. dream-pop.

Below, watch the video for “Do You Think Of Me" and check out some behind-the-scenes shots by Christine Mitchell.




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