#PlayingAtMyHouse: Your Favorite Remixes


With #PlayingAtMyHouse, each week KEXP will announce a music-related theme to our audience and ask our listeners for examples of each theme by sharing songs on social media with #playingatmyhouse. But it’s more than just sharing songs. Our hope is people will take it as an opportunity to interact with each other by sharing opinions, recommendations based on other people’s picks, memories attached to the songs, or whatever else may come up for you. This week's theme is remixes.

It’s one thing to write a great song – it’s another to make a great song into something else completely new and exciting in its own right. Enter the remix.

Bursting out of Jamaican dancehall music and into disco and electronic music spheres, the remix gives a chance for DJs to show off their prowess. A stellar remix isn’t just about changing the beat and rhythm of a song to fit a dancefloor. It’s about extrapolating the essence of a track and twisting the ingredients into a new vision.

True to their nature, remixes have changed over time. No longer just a staple of white-label singles, remixes have entered the mainstream – often earning placement on official tracklistings. A remix might be Soulwax turning Tame Impala’s “Let It Happen” into a fiery disco banger or it might be Beyonce adding her own verse to bring new life to an already chart-topping single like Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage.” From Everything But The Girl and Happy Mondays to New Order and Lana Del Rey, remixes can span any genre and style.

What remixes are playing at your house? Make sure to share your choices with #PlayingAtMyHouse and tune in on Friday to hear some of our submissions on-air throughout the day. Here’s just a sampling of our favorites to get you started.













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