Review Revue: Blubinos - Limited Edition EP

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

Welcome to Review Revue, where every Thursday I dig through the KEXP stacks to share DJ reviews and comments written on the covers of LPs (and occasionally CDs) in the ’80s and ’90s, when the station was called KCMU, the DJs were volunteers, and people shared their opinions on little white labels instead of the internet.

This week I come to you with a bit of a musical mystery. Not about the artist: Blubinos were a short-lived band fronted by blues guitarist Big Monti Amundson. At the time this EP found its way to KCMU, the band was based in Oregon. They split up shortly thereafter and Big Monti began a long solo career which he continues to this day, splitting his time between Nashville and Amsterdam. The mystery is this actual EP. I can find very little information about it online, and it seems to have been such a limted edition that Big Monti himself appears to have forgotten about it. It's not listed on his otherwise thorough (and thoroughly annotated) discography/bandcamp page, and it's not even listed on Discogs! This is indeed a limited edition EP. Judging by chronology and song titles, this early release would probably be our closest shot at hearing the Limited Edition EP, but I would still love to know more about this one. Did the band put it out themselves? How many songs were on it? Did they know they had fans at KCMU? Inquiring music nerds want to know! If you happen to bump into Monti in Nashville, let him know we have questions.

"[illegible, covered by another label]t EP. In a word, 'clean.' Purists, yet still eclectic, a favorable comparison w/Robt. Cray Band would be fair. Excellent production, and although not exactly the sound KCMU calls its own, deserves a spin in L. First song, first side is terrific."

"Wow wow wow this is hot shit right here - 99 below could give" [Not sure what happened here - perhaps someone was interrupted in the middle of writing this comment? There's a large expanse of blankness on the label it was written on.]

"Shake the Shack! If you've ever liked Stevie Ray Vaughn [sic] you'll like this lots. 1-1 is nice, but I like 2-2 best."

"A great live band finally makes a record + it's hot! Sizzling, rocking blues guitar, solid bass + drums, fluid vocals - try 'Lesson or Two.'"

"Reminds me of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Well done."

"This is better than a lot of stuff in H. How 'bout you em it?" [i.e., M it, i.e. move it to medium rotation]

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