Feedback: Ronnie Lee of the Cult of Lip

Owen Murphy
photos by Dave Cromwell

Introducing KEXP's latest column Feedback, a look (down) at the pedal boards and equipment of some of our favorite musicians. KEXP's Owen Murphy kicks off the series with Ronnie Lee of Minneapolis band The Cult of Lip

The Cult of Lip are one of the many bands playing this year's Seagaze Festival, a four-day shoegaze, post-punk, and psych-rock extravaganza held on April 18–19 & April 24–28 at the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery. Tune in to the Morning Show on Thursday, April 25th as DJ John Richards celebrates the genre with four hours of sonic bliss, and stay tuned for more profiles from Feedback.  


As far as my favorite piece of gear goes, I’d maybe have to choose my Fuzz Factory 7. Zvex Effects custom built me one in a raw, un-painted enclosure (the silver pedal with blue LEDs in the center), and even swapped out the germanium transistors with silicon so it sounds even more mangled and fuzzed out. It’s an extremely versatile fuzz pedal, and I love the built in gate and compression.