Sound & Vision: Behind the Scenes at the Fisherman's Village Music Festival

Sound and Vision
Owen Murphy

Earlier this month, KEXP shared the line-up announcement for the Fisherman’s Village Music Fest, an annual event in Everett, WA, just an hour drive north of Seattle. Held May 16-18 around their downtown, this headliners for the festival’s sixth year include Wolf Parade, Travis ThompsonThe CoathangersLaura VeirsBronchoPickwickDeath Valley GirlsGeographerOmniFrankie and the Witch FingersBlack Belt Eagle Scout, and Moaning

KEXP Morning Show Producer Owen Murphy headed out to Everett to get the scoop directly from the festival organizers: promoter Ryan Crowther, Tellers' singer/songwriter Sarah Feinberg, and Kyle Ledford of Soniphone Records.

The 2019 Layout

Crowther: This year we have decided to move the festival outside of the Scuttlebutt Taproom and do sort of a small block party, if you will. We will have one outdoor mainstage, we'll have the Scuttlebutt Taproom, and we'll have another smaller stage in the Fisherman's Village Night Market.

The Everett Music Scene

Feinberg: The music scene in Everett has been a really fun thing to watch grow over the last five or six years since the Everett Music Initiative has kind of started doing events and putting on legit shows and obviously the Fisherman's Village Music Festival. So, it's been fun. There's tons of bands of all different genres and we're kind of supportive of each other and kind of watching each other grow.

On Hometown Pride

Ledford: Having the place where I was born and the community that I came from wrap itself in something that aligns... you know, to have those passions and those interests and to see the community come together and align with all of that is really incredible and really special.

Fisherman’s Village Music Fest takes place May 16-18, 2019. Three-day early bird general passes are currently on sale for $69. Find additional ticket information on their website.

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