Wye Oak Battle Self-Doubt on New Single "Evergreen"

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Jasmine Albertson
photo by Matthew B. Thompson

Baltimore duo Wye Oak have shared a new song for Adult Swim’s singles series. Titled “Evergreen,” the song seems fit for the evergreen landscape we’re accustomed to here in the Northwest (but may not remember after nearly a week of constant snow coverage). In a press release vocalist Jenn Wasner says that "the song was made in an attempt to work a little differently- to 'try softer,' as my brilliant friend Lexie Mountain advised me.”

She continues on to explain that the song "represents overcoming a physically and emotionally exhausting period of self-doubt. I understand intellectually that I have worth and value just by existing- that everyone does, but I'm beginning to realize that having an intellectual understanding doesn't mean you've integrated that shit into your heart and mind and unconscious beliefs. Maybe I'll never get there, but just trying (not too hard!) feels better than nothing at all. So it's a start. Hope you enjoy."

It’s the first we’ve heard from Wasner and her Wye Oak partner Andy Stack since last year’s The Louder I Call, the Faster It Runs, their sixth studio album for Merge Records. Below, listen to “Evergreen” and watch Wye Oak’s KEXP in-studio performance from last July.




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