Brazilian Psych-Pop Band Glue Trip Release Trippy Animated Video for “Friend Zone Forever” with Joy J Music

KEXP Premiere
Dusty Henry

Brazilian group Glue Trip are masters of fusing styles. The idea of “psych-pop” isn’t something completely unheard of, but seldom is it executed with such finesse. The group’s 2018 album Sea at Night effortlessly combined hazy, cerebral toens with dance floor grooves and rapturous hooks. The group says the album is meant to take on an aquatic aesthetic, pulling inspiration from growing up in a coastal town and the particular mysterious vibe of being by the water when the sun goes down. As such, Sea At Night is a fluid listen and mash of styles, swirling and diffusing into one another.

This is felt especially on the album’s single “Friend Zone Forever,” which sees the group working with North Carolina vocalist Joy J Music. The disco beats and feverish synthesizer whirls burst against the slick, gliding guitar flourishes. Joy J’s verse at the end feels like the logical conclusion after the beat dips at the end, fading into view through an enchanting vocoder before coming clearer and clearer.

And just as the song feels like a colorful waking dream, as does it’s surrealistic CG-animated music video. Sims-like characters dance, like posts on Instagram, and multiply into chrome-glowing-eyed versions of themselves (who hasn’t been there, right?). The video only gets more trippy as it continues, like a VHS of Miami Vice run through a Vaporwave filter.

Watch the video and check out the group’s upcoming tour dates below.

11/02 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Sala Baden Powell / SESC Rio (feat. Otto) 
11/13 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Queremos / Khruangbin (US)
11/14 - Florianópolis, SC - Saravá Festival 
11/15 - Concórdia, SC - Grito da Terra Festival 
11/16 - Santa Maria, RS - Morrostock Festival
11/17 - Porto Alegre, RS - Agulha Bar 

11/20 - Mercedes, AR - Vinilo Bar Temático Cultura
11/21 - Buenos Aires, AR - Teatro Xirgu 
11/22 - La Plata, AR - Casa Uclan
11/23 - Mendoza, AR - Taverna Culture Hall
11/24 - Mendoza, AR - Ruffino Sessions

11/27 - Santiago, CL - Showcase Fluvial 
11/28 - Concepción, CL - Casa de Salud 
11/29 - Valdivia, CL - concerto FLUVIAL
11/30 - Santiago, CL - Bar Loreto 

12/05 - São Paulo, SP - Jazz nos Fundos / Brain Productions Party (SIM São Paulo) 
12/07 - São Paulo, SP - SIM São Paulo / Showcase 

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