Sun Breaks Announce Debut Album All On Camera, Share New Single “Moments” (KEXP Premiere)

Local Music, KEXP Premiere
Dusty Henry
Photo by Chona Kasinger

The members of Sun Breaks surely have plenty of stories to tell. The duo comes with quite the pedigree, pairing together 764-HERO’s John Atkins and The Sub Debs and Automaton Adventure Series’ James van Leuven. When scene-savvy Northwesterners hear names like that, it’s hard not to jump to certain conclusions or slip into a reverb chamber of “the good old days.” And that’s exactly what makes Sun Breaks, much like their namesake, so refreshing. Formed while both members were between projects and looking to explore new territory, resulting in the fresh electronic-rock fusion of their self-titled EP. Atkins and van Leuven are continuing their pursuit for new sounds and memories with their debut length LP, All On Camera, out Oct. 26 via Suicide Squeeze.

Our first taste of Sun Breaks’ latest comes with “Moments,” a song that in itself captures the feeling like a new day emerging. Dutiful listeners can pinpoint aspects of each musicians’ past in the performance, but it’s the way the two complement and forges new ground together than extends beyond the novelty of a “supergroup.” Dub rhythms crack underneath chiming piano chords, turntable scratches, and Atkins’ rising vocals. Shrugging nostalgia, you can hear everything from the Beach Boys to Yuno radiating from the instrumentals – intentional or not, the comparisons are an exemplification of Sun Breaks’ own desire to embrace old and new ideas.

"When we were working on ‘Moments’ I had been thinking a lot about the stories we tell ourselves, and reckoning with the weight that personal past narratives can have… how they can shape you for better or for worse,” Atkins tells KEXP. “I started singing, stream of conscious style, and that theme showed up and we ran with it."

Pre-orders for All On Camera are available now. Stream an exclusive premiere of “Moments” below.

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