Take a Trip with New Vox Mod Single "Chronosthesia" (KEXP Premiere)

, KEXP Premiere
photo by Frank Correa

"Chronosthesia" is defined as "mental time travel,” the ability to "perceive multiple pasts, presents, and futures simultaneously." It's a trip Seattle project Vox Mod takes you on with his forthcoming full-length, Sense of UsToday on The Midday Show, Cheryl Waters debuted the album track "Chronosthesia." If you missed the airplay, or just want to hear it again, listen below.

Vox Mod -- aka Scot Porter -- has always explored otherworldly dimensions with his music, ever since his 2013 debut SYN-ÆSTHETIC. With Sense of Us, he explores the journey within ourselves. He explains on his Facebook page, "The title comes from the notion that in this and other realities we are all connected more than we realize and that so much of ourselves are also facets of each other; that the other and the self are one in the same, identity multiplied by infinity. There is no they, there is only us."

Vox Mod has an album release show on Wednesday, April 25th at Barboza with The Spider Ferns and Nearby. He'll be joined by vocalists Whitney Lyman, Adra Boo, Alicia Amiri, Eva Walker, and Kyle Porter, with visuals provided by Kblanq. 

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