Wussy Are 'Getting Better' on Their Record Store Day Covers EP (KEXP Premiere)

KEXP Premiere, Record Store Day
photo by John Erhardt

We have to admit it's getting better... when it comes to Record Store Day releases from beloved Cincinnati-based band Wussy, that is. In 2016, they released a limited edition 7" single featuring their twangy, yet faithful sonic rendition of Joy Division's "Ceremony." This year they kick up a notch -- in fact, four notches -- with a whole EP of covers: fellow Ohio artists Jenny Mae, The Afghan Whigs, and The Seedy Seeds, and, the title track from The Beatles, as premiered by DJ Cheryl Waters on The Midday Show on KEXP today.

We asked vocalist/guitarist Lisa Walker about their picks: 

"The songs on this EP were created for various hard-to-find or never-made compilations. There are covers of bands we know and love from Cincinnati and Columbus -- Jenny Mae, The Afghan Whigs, and The Seedy Seeds. The title track is a little out-of-the-ordinary for us, but we were encouraged to try something for a Sgt. Pepper’s comp that never materialized. We’re not great at playing things the right way, so each song is filtered through the Wussy sieve where a song gets distilled to its simplest form and thrown into a wall of noise -- our formula for pretty much everything."

Not only do we get this new EP on Saturday, but the band is on the brink of releasing their seventh studio album next month, What Heaven is Like. Since forming in 2001, Walker and her fellow songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Chuck Cleaver (formerly of the Ass Ponys) have consistently crafted melodic moments beneath their duel blaring guitar attack, punctuated by their sweet-and-sour vocals delivering slice-of-life lyrics with the straight-shootin' sincerity you might expect from a Midwesterner.

And if you're a fan of Wussy's unique interpretations of other people's songs, you're in luck: the forthcoming full-length also has a cover, this one of the 1979 single "Aliens in Our Midst" by California punk band The Twinkeyz's. Didn't we tell you it's getting better all the time? In the meantime, stream the band's Record Store Day EP below before you get in line on Saturday to buy one from your local independent music shop.

The Getting Better Record Store Day EP will be in stores this Saturday, April 21st as a special limited edition record on solid yellow vinyl. What Heaven Is Like is out May 18th via Damnably in Europe, and Shake It! in the US.

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