Seattle's Actionesse Share an Anthem For Desire with "Menace" (KEXP Premiere)

Local Music, KEXP Premiere
Dusty Henry
Photo by Michaela Patrick

It's hard to find a band that hits harder in Seattle than Actionesse. Not just because they're loud or because of the anthemic, howling vocals. It's not even because of the brash bellow of horns that they infuse into their skull-shaking punk rock. What really makes the four-piece work is the beastly energy they manage to harness into each performance and recording. They give us yet another clear example of what makes the band tick with their latest single, "Menace," from their upcoming DEEP – out May 11. As you might guess from the name, it's not a song that concerns itself with pleasantries. The song comes into view with the low thud of a bass guitar grinding over the drums before quickly surging into a wave of venomous riffs. The intensity never lets up, pummeling through to the last bars and indulging themselves in every furious note. The band sheds some light on the track's conception, saying:

"Menace" is the official anthem of desire. It is the siren song of apathetic excess. Under the mask of beautiful perfection, the deceptive jester performs. Hidden by the pretense of positive self-image, the overwhelming temptations to obtain the mistakenly deserved destroy outward perception of goodwill."

Vanity and excess are taken to the gallows throughout the song, throwing out proclamations like, "Don't you call me shallow." Every line is punched with authoritative screams and ragged riffs. Appropriately, it sounds menacing. Actionesse hit harder because its what their songs demand. If "Menace" is a prelude to what we can expect with DEEP, it'd appear that we've been put on notice. Actionesse is coming for anyone that gets in their path. You can embrace the brilliance of their fuming, ruthless punk rock or get steamrolled. Personally, I'll opt for the former. 

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