To Those We Lost in 2018, Part One

2018 Countdown

KEXP is celebrating the lives of all these artists on the air, today, Thursday, December 13th from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST. Join DJs John Richards, Kevin Cole, Cheryl Waters, and show producers Jacob Webb and Isaac Kaplan-Woolner as they share stories and songs from those we lost in 2016, as well as those in late 2015 who passed after last year's tribute show. Below, we've gathered videos from just a few of these memorable musicians. They may be gone, but their music will live on forever.

Research by Owen Murphy, Kelsey Brannan, Isaac Kaplan-Woolner

Ralph Carney (1/23/56 – 12/16/17)
saxophonist, Tom Waits collaborator, father of Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, co-composer of the "BoJack Horseman" theme song  

Z’EV (2/8/51 – 12/16/17)
Born Stefan Joel Weisser, Z'EV is a poet, percussionist, and sound artist who is regarded as a pioneer of industrial music. Z'EV was active in the New York City downtown music scene in the 1980s and 1990s, performing with Elliott Sharp, Glenn Branca, and doing solo experimental-music performances at The Kitchen, The Knitting Factory, Danceteria, and other venues.

Pam Warren (12/22/17)
DJ known as Pam the Funkstress in the Oakland hip-hop duo The Coup. Warren also served as Prince's personal DJ during the final months of the music legend's life.

John Paul Steur (3/27/1984 – 1/1/2018)
actor and member of Portland glam rock band Soda Pop Kids

Betty Willis (3/10/2018 – 1/1/2018)
'60s soul singer who worked with Phil Spector and Leon Russell

Ray Thomas (12/29/1941 – 1/4/2018)
Moody Blues singer, flutist "Knights in White Satin"

Rick Hall (1/31/32 – 1/2/18)
Muscle Shoals sound pioneer

Robert Mann (7/19/20 – 1/1/18)
Juilliard String Quartet violinist, chamber music revivalist 

France Gall (10/9/47 – 1/7/18)
French pop singer, Gainsbourg collaborator

Buster Siggs (12/8/54 - 1/7/18)
New Zealand punk and rock drummer, Suburban Reptiles

Fast Eddie Clarke (10/5/50 - 1/10/18)
Guitarist, Motorhead, last surviving original member

Dolores O'Riordan (9/6/71 - 1/15/18)
Lead singer The Cranberries

Mike Carroll
Lead singer of Sub Pop's Poison 13

Jim Rodford (7/7/41 - 1/20/18)
Bass-Argent, The Kinks (79-03), Zombies (04-18)    

Preston Shannon (10/23/47 - 1/22/18)
American blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter    

Terry Evans (8/14/37 - 1/20/18)
R&B singer-songwriter, Ry Cooder, John Fogerty, Eric Clapton collaborator    

Fredo Santana (Derrick Coleman) (7/4/90 - 1/19/18)
Rapper, Chief Keef cousin    

Steve Nisbett (3/15/48 - 1/18/18)
Steel Pulse long time reggae drummer (retired)    

Christian Burchard (1/17/18)
German multi-instrumentalist, Embryo, krautrock        

Nathan Jatcko (1/17/18)
Pavlov's Dog keyboardist 2015-2018        

Barbara Cope, the Dallas Butter Queen (1/14/18)
rock groupie, named in Rolling Stones "Rip This Joint"

Marlene VerPlanck 11/11/33 - 1/14/18)
jazz singer    

Alfred Morris III (1/10/18)
Iron Man founder, rock, and heavy metal guitarist        

Hugh Masekela (4/4/39 - 1/23/18)
South African trumpeter and anti-apartheid activist on Graceland    

Mark E Smith (3/5/57 - 1/24/18)
Lead singer and founder of The Fall    

Buzz Clifford (10/8/1941 - 1/26/2018)
60s pop singer/songwriter "Baby Sittin' Boogie"    

Grant Fell (1/27/18)
Headless Chicken bassist, New Zealand industrial rock        

Neil Harris (1/28/2018)
Sham '69 lead guitarist 1975-1977    

Coco Schumann (5/14/1924 - 1/28/2018)
Jazz guitar, Jewish Holocaust survivor, Ella Fitzgerald, the Ghetto Swingers    

Eddie Shaw (3/20/1937 - 1/29/2018)
Blues saxophonist, Howlin' Wolf bandleader    

Mowzey Radio (1/25/1985 - 2/1/2018)
Ugandan hip-hop star, Goodlyfe Crew

Dennis Edwards (2/3/1943 - 2/2/2018)
Lead singer of The Temptations    

Leon "Ndugu" Chancler (7/1/1952 - 2/3/2018)
Drummer on "Billie Jean", "Let it Whip", Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, etc    

Mickey Jones (6/10/1941 - 2/7/2018)
Drummer and actor, Bob Dylan, Trini Lopez, more    

John Perry Barlow (10/3/1947 - 2/7/2018)
Grateful Dead lyricist, Electronic Frontier Foundation founder

Pat Torpey (12/13/1953 - 2/7/2018)
Mr. Big drummer and singer, Robert Plant, The Knack, Ted Nugent    

Lovebug Starski (5/16/1960 - 2/8/2018)
Hip hop pioneer 

Jóhann Jóhannsson (9/19/1969 - 2/9/2018)
Icelandic composer    

Craig MacGregor (9/13/1949 - 2/9/2018)
Foghat bassist (joined 1976)    

Vic Damone (6/12/1928 - 2/11/2018)
Big band singer, "You're Breaking My Heart" #1 hit 1949    

Tom Rapp (3/8/1947 - 2/11/2018)
Pearls Before Swing, '60s psychedelic, inspired "Rocket Man", toured with Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry    

Scott Boyer (10/17/1947 - 2/13/2018)
Co-founder of '70s southern rock band Cowboy 

Klaasje van der Wal (2/13/2018)
Bassist for Dutch psychedelic rock band Shocking Blue      

Barbara Ann Alston (12/29/1943 - 2/16/2018)
The Crystals lead singer and founder

Norm Rogers (2/19/2018)
Drummer for The Jayhawks and The Cows        

Stormin MC aka Shaun Lewia (2/15/1984 - 2/19/2018)
pioneering Grime and D&B MC    

Eddie Amoo (2/23/2018)
Guitarist/singer for 70s UK soul band The Real Thing        

Charlie McAlister (2/26/18)
freak folk singer, outsider artist        

Bill Burkette (3/1/2018)
Singer for '60's soul group The Vogues      

Van McLain (3/2/2018)
Shooting Star founder, guitar and vocals        

Russ Solomon (3/4/2018)
Tower Records founder