Girlpool Share Details On Their Upcoming LP What Chaos Is Imaginary

at the Sasquatch! Music Festival, May 2018 // photo by Eric Tra

Last week, Los Angeles indie rock duo Girlpool announced their new album titled What Chaos Is Imaginary, due for release on February 1 via Anti- Records. So far, they've shared the singles "Where You Sink," "Lucy’s," and most recently "Hire." 

Earlier this year, KEXP DJ Troy Nelson sat down with band members Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad at the Sasquatch! Music Festival and got the scoop on the new LP before it had even been mixed. Tucker and Tividad are just as delightful in person as their music, completing each other's sentences and nodding enthusiastically at each other's responses. 

Flashback to May 2018 for an early scoop of the new album. Girlpool return to Seattle on Saturday, April 13th to take the Neumos stage.

Transcription by Antuon Marshall

KEXP: So, third album. I mean, is it too soon to ask? 

Harmony Tiviad: Well, we just finished tracking it. 

Did you work with anyone on this record like a producer, or did you just do it yourself?

Cleo Tucker: We co-produced it with this guy, David Tolomei — he's great.

Harmony: He's amazing.

Cleo: We just finished it pretty recently. 

Where did you record it at?

Cleo: We did it at King Size [recording studio in L.A.] — he has a space there. And we did at Space Carriage House, kind of bopped around and we did like a few different recording studios, used different rooms. Some parts of the recording were just made it at home, so, it all came together in various ways.

Harmony: But we literally just finished wrecking it.

Cleo: We're excited about it. 

Are you going to mix it yourselves?

Cleo: No, Dave's going to mix it. 

How did you guys find the time to work on it when you've been on the road?

Harmony: It was a bunch of songs that Cleo and I had written already, for the most part, and then fleshed out more for the record.

Cleo: Some of them were really old and some are like very brand new.

Did anything strike you like, "oh my god, that's so three years ago"...

Cleo: Yeah, I definitely think it's been trippy — even to record vocals. Like, words that are so... but it's also been kind of interesting. And then some of the words are brand new. So it's kind of a weird...

Harmony: ...mix of emotions.

So, is the next one also going to be on Anti Records?

Both: Yeah! 

They're such an interesting label because they have a little bit of everything. How did you connect with them?

Harmony: They have an amazing roster. How did we connect with them?

Cleo: Someone who we work with had a contact there, got us in touch with them, and we kinda talked. We were kind of shopping around PowerPlant [their 2017 album]. PowerPlant we wrote and recorded very quickly, very differently than this album. Those songs were all like pretty brand new. So, we just kind of had that done and just sent it over to a bunch of labels. But yeah, Anti- is cool.

Harmony: Yeah, they're great. 

What Chaos Is Imaginary is out on February 1 via Anti- Records. Girlpool play Saturday, April 13th at Neumos.

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