Red Ribbon Replicates and Moves Forward in “Your Car” Music Video (KEXP Premiere)

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Dusty Henry

In the lead up to the release of Seattle band Red Ribbon’s debut album Dark Party, lead vocalist Emma Danner seized the opportunity to try and sell her car. The artwork for their single “Your Car” featured Danner sitting on top of her 1999 Honda Accord, complete with an email address for interested potential buyers. The plan seems to have worked as Danner reportedly sold the car! But before bidding adieu to the vehicle, Red Ribbon is giving us one more glimpse in the surrealistic video for “Your Car.”

While the song title and album campaign seem to echo each other, Danner tells KEXP about the emotional core of the song, describing the single as “about moving forward with urgency even if decisions are not always logical. The best thing we can do is attempt to make connections with one another.” That feeling resonates within the propulsive feeling of the song, itself moving relentlessly like a Honda Accord barreling down the highway. The video only underscores this idea, featuring multiple versions of Danner. One version of her herself goes about her day-to-day tasks, while another looms ominously – oh, and she has a bunch of different knives too. While one Danner makes French press, another checks the sharpness of a butcher’s knife.

“Casey Sjorgen directed the video, and we made it in a day at my home,” Danner says of the video. “It is very intimate that way. The concept reflects an internal battle of good versus evil. In darkness, the most important thing is to maintain a sense of humor and hope.”

The objective of laughing in the face of darkness is achieved again and again in the video. The unsettling feeling of the Danners prowling around her home is also balanced by shots of her bandmates going down playground slides and intense stares directly into the camera. Oh, and the Honda makes multiple appearances, with sporadic shots of Danner recreating the pose from the single artwork.

Dark Party is out now via Union Zero. Watch the video below.

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