Bumbershoot 2017, Day Three: Dave Depper

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Dusty Henry
all photos by Dusty Henry

In the lead up to Dave Depper's performance at the KEXP stage, we mentioned quite a few times on this blog how he's known to be a utility player for a number of bands -- most notably joining Death Cab for Cutie as a full-time member. However, his performance at the Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival proved that all that is nice but he can stand on his own as a performer in his own right. He and his band performed his recent solo LP, Emotional Freedom Technique, in its entirety. It was a great way for people who might not be familiar with his work to get fully indoctrinated. Depper bounced between his synth and guitar to help recreate the dreamy pop sounds of the record, creating a vibrant atmosphere for the crowd that made it hard to not keep a grin on your face. You could easily see why so many other artists want to work with him, but also just how excellent of a songwriter he is on his own.

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