KEXP DJs Sound Off: 2017 Capitol Hill Block Party Picks

Capitol Hill Block Party

The 2017 Capitol Hill Block Party is on the horizon, this Friday, July 21st through Sunday, July 23rd. Have you plotted out your schedule yet? We asked our esteemed DJs for their musical picks to help you navigate the stages over the weekend. Check out their suggestions below!

And, KEXP is bringing a little bit of Block Party to the airwaves this weekend, Friday through Sunday, with LIVE in-studio sessions from Run the Jewels, Torres, My Goodness, and more. These four-song sets are open to the public to watch from the Viewing Space, FREE + All Ages. More info on attending here. Cheryl Waters:

Wolf Parade!!!!!Angel OlsenPerfume GeniusTorresCherry GlazerrCloud NothingsNoname

Stas THEE Boss, host of Street Sounds on KEXP:

Kung Foo Grip, ILLFIGHTYOU, Thundercat, and Danny Brown.

DJ Reeves:

Sadly, I will not be able to go this year. But if I were to go, these would be my picks in no particular order: Run the Jewels, Danny Brown (the dream would be for Danny to make an appearance and perform “Hey Kids (Bumaye)” during RTJ’s set), Noname, Thundercat, Perfume Genius, He Whose Ox is Gored, Mommy Long Legs, Cloud Nothings, Kyle Craft, and Sashay.


Angel Olsen and Wolf Parade.
Mr. West, co-host of Sonic Reducer on KEXP:

Bad Future is a band of four guys who play in Seattle. They play a specifically Northwest brand of throttling punk that I've heard described as post-grunge. Their sound is reminiscent of contemporary cohorts like Criminal Code, with fast, dark, propelling guitar riffs, catchy staccato hooks, and pounding motorik drums. Bad Future’s self-titled LP (on Dirtcult Records in Portland, and Phobiact in Europe) is pummeling from the beginning to end. It's an instant classic that gets better every time I hear it. See them at CHBP or a benefit for Razorcake ‘zine. I have one-year-old daughter so I will not be going to Block Party, but if I were you I would not miss Bad Future.


Thundercat because he is an absolute genius and a god at the bass. I was speechless the last time I saw him. Also super excited for Noname. I have never seen her before but her smooth summery flow will be perfect for a beautiful Friday in July on the main stage. And of course can't miss people like Angel Olsen, Run the Jewels, Perfume Genius and Cherry Glazerr!

Lizzo is my top pick for CHBP. I have been blessed to see her perform numerous times while living in Minneapolis -- from her super group GRRL PRTY to her current thunderous solo work -- and would never pass on an opportunity to see her. She serves up passionate energy and humanity in her live performance along with White Castle hamburgers or cookies on occasion. In addition, add these grand wordsmiths: Angel Olsen, Austra, Noname, Tay Sean, and Youryoungbody.

DJ Alex:

Lots of solid acts on the bill this year, here's my dream line-up out of the bunch: Julie Byrne, Tay Sean, Angel Olsen, Perfume Genius, Thundercat, Mura Masa, Mykki Blanco, Lizzo, Noname.

DJ Michele Myers:

Top 10 CHBP Picks:Austra (One of Today's Top Artists - Orchestral Arrangements, Memorable Melodies & Lush Beats)Perfume Genius (Unique Psych Rock)Diplo (DJ Master - Worked with MIA, Major Lazer...)Kyle Craft (Portland Artist, Compelling, Haunting Rock/Psych)Theoretics (Soulful, Smart Hip-Hop Locals - Good Dancing)Cherry Glazerr (Propulsive Rawk)Thundercat (Soulful Artist, No Boundaries)Angel Olsen (Top Notch Roots Songwriter/Vocalist)Wolf Parade (Masters of Rock Texture)The Gods Themselves (Hard-Hitting Rock Glory)

Sean Morrow:

Friday - Noname, Thundercat, Mommy Long Legs, Cherry Glazerr

Saturday - Skating Polly, Youryoungbody, ILLFIGHTYOU, Bad Luck

Sunday - Angel Olsen, Julie Byrne, Newaxeyes, Sashay

DJ Tim:

NonameThundercatRun the JewelsAngel OlsenDiet CigTorresPerfume Genius Sashay Tay Sean ILLFIGHTYOU
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