Sasquatch! Music Festival 2016, Day 4: Iska Dhaaf

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Geran Landen
all photos by Brittany Feenstra (view set)

Seattle natives Iska Dhaaf now live in New York, but they still introduce themselves as a band from Seattle. This theme of sticking to your origins was found throughout their set at Sasquatch! Music Festival Monday afternoon. The group now takes the stage as a four-piece, a fitting change as their 2016 album Invisible Cities was packed with a deeper sound than any previous release. But they are still undeniably a duonin the song-writing sense, and Nathan Quiroga and Benjamen Verdoes have done an excellent job expanding on the dark, sample heavy indie-music that they have created since the start. Menacing bass and guitar lines invaded ears throughout their early Sasuqtch! Music Festival set, and Quiroga’s unique vocals packed the punch of punk with the smoothness of a seasoned indie star. Quiroga also has taken over the role of font man flawlessly, and he danced around the stage, inspiring the early Yeti stage crowd to do the same throughout. When Quiroga and Verdoes stood side by side with their band in the background for album single “Invisible Cities,” the moment offered a perfect reflection of how far the duo has evolved, while also nodding to their start and sound they refuse to compromise.

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