Sasquatch! Music Festival 2016, Day 2: Tycho

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Geran Landen
all photos by Matthew B. Thompson

Scott Hansen is known as ISO50 for his photography and design work. For his music, he and his band mates are known as Tycho. Closing down Saturday night at Sasquatch! Music Festival, Hansen and crew displayed how the two creative works aren’t mutually exclusive. Sharp images of distant landscapes alternated with colorful abstract designs as the four piece act unraveled their set of ambient electronic music. Live drums, guitar and bass enhanced the rich sound of Tycho, and the visuals in the background went the extra step to transport the crowd to the distant lands that the beats inspired. The vibrant colors of the visuals and images matched the tone of the pulsing beats, and it was an impossible feat to imagine one without the other. The set served as the perfect night cap for Saturday, treading the line between trance like dance and smoother electronic sailing, relaxing the crowd for the night, but never losing their interest.

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