Sasquatch! Music Festival 2016, Day 2: Hop Along

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Jacob Webb
photo by Brittany Feenstra (view set)

Hop Along frontwoman Frances Quinlan's distinctive voice has been compared to everything from a hurricane to sandpaper and everything in between, but what ultimately makes it so magnetic is its emotiveness, it's ability to sound human and stand out when surrounded by the pointed bluster of her bandmates' crashing dynamics. Their 2015 album Painted Shut was one of the year's unexpected sleeper hits in a year of critical heavyweights, and as a result of the extensive touring that rewarded the album's merit, they've evolved into an absolute powerhouse live. Beyond being able to rely on Quinlan's inimitable pipes (which have somehow stayed in form despite howling her life out every night), the band's rhythm section has turned into a bulletproof foundation for Quinlan and guitarist Joe Reinhart to fearlessly ride all over. Set workhorses "Waitress", "The Knock", "Laments", and an absolutely crushing "Tibetan Pop Stars" formed the perhaps the most formidable opening salvo all day. Although they drew a moderate sized, Hop Along didn't have the biggest crowd at the Yeti stage all night, but tellingly, there was a vibrant pit up front shouting every last word back to Quinlan the entire time that grew during the entire show.

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