Live Video: Benjamin Verdoes

Live Video, Local Music
Matt Pritchard
photo by Alex Crick (view set)

Former Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band frontman Benjamin Verdoes came out to the KEXP studio to perform some of the new songs off his latest, 11-track solo project, The Evil Eye. From the unhinged, experimental undertones of Where The Messengers Meet to the structured melancholy of his new-found collaboration, Verdoes' current music signifies an interesting maturation of his style. With The Evil Eye, Verdoes believes that "this record is very autobiographical. It doesn't make much sense to have anything that blocks that." In his attempts to connect with others through his music, Verdoes' self-reflective, self-conscious songs assuage the collective anxiety we share with regard to our own existences. On "Unknown Fears," the first track in today's live session, Verdoes sings, "Why do I try to do anything anymore / because we both know I fall apart in the end." In all his songs, the elaborate instrumentation teems with tragic lyricism. Verdoes' The Evil Eye is a product of stark contrasts, well-wrought juxtaposition, and creative interpretation. View more Verdoes here:

Full Performance:

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