Review Revue: My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

Hey, guess who I'm going to see next week in Seattle? Just guess! You'll never - oh, wait, you totally guessed My Bloody Valentine, didn't you? Dang it. Well, it's true. Some might say I'm at least 20 years too late to be seeing this influential, semi-reclusive band for the very first time, but reports of their recent shows have been quite positive, and I'm excited. (I also finally coughed up the dough for a pair of custom ear plugs molded to my ears, so I think I'm physically prepared for their glorious guitar onslaught.)

FYI for others going to the show: for some reason it has been moved from WaMu Theater to Showbox SoDo. Neither is particularly known for the quality of its sound, so I don't really think I care. As long as the venue's name contains a nonsense word made up of two capital consonants and two lower case vowels I'm good.

But for now let's go back to a time before either of these venues existed, when WaMu was still a going concern and SoDo, if it was in use then at all, meant "South of the (King) Dome" . . . the distant era known as the Late '80s.

"British press seems to dig these guys. Some of this is pretty cool - if you like this sort of thing. Not all has that 'Creation' sound."

"J & M Chainish at times."

"I like this. But then, I am culturally deprived, aren't I."

"'Soft as Snow' was niftily noisy."

"Quite psyche and quite cool - 'specially 'Nothin.'"


"Overrated, methinks. Not bad, but doesn't justify the Brit hype machine. I think the J & M Chain did this better. Would be cool live, tho', if they're as loud as I've heard they are."

"WHAT?! This kills."

"1990 & I like this LP & this band in general! (Plus they're Irish . . . never hurts. [This is the same commenter who wrote the 'overrated' review above.] "

"1/2 Irish, actually. But they're very good. They use pop & noisy guitars in a different way; they have a more sensual sound than the usual pummel your face approach most bands around here take."

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