Eurosonic Highlights

Sound & Vision
Hosted by Emily Fox

Emily Fox caught up with KEXP DJ Kevin Cole to talk about Eurosonic and some of the many artists that stood out to him. 

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KEXP DJ Kevin Cole recently attended Eurosonic in the Netherlands. It’s the largest music festival in Europe dedicated to new and emerging artists. Emily Fox caught up with Kevin to talk about the festival and some of the many artists that stood out to him.  

Music discussed: 

  • Caleb Kunle - “All In Your Head” 
  • Avalanche Kaito - “Dabalomuni” 
  • Adwaith - “Nid Aur” 
  • Queralt Lahoz - “De la Cueva a los Olivos” 
  • Alina Pash - “Bosorkanya” 
  • Club Makumba - “Crazy Lizard” 
  • Flying Moon in Space - “Optimist”  
  • KOIKOI - “Misisipi” 
  • Love'n'Joy - "Psy Summer"
  • Tautumeitas - “Terra” 

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