The Cobain 50

Kurt Cobain’s influence went beyond just the music he created with Nirvana. He also put the masses on to some of his own favorite artists. One particular document from his journals has been instructive to many fans – his top 50 albums.

Each week, The Cobain 50 podcast digs into albums from this famous list and how they may have influenced Cobain and Nirvana. While learning the individual histories of the different albums on the list, we gain new insights into artists on the fringes as well as some of the biggest groups of all time. The podcast takes us through the legacies of acts like Sonic Youth, Pixies, The Breeders, Public Enemy, PJ Harvey, Black Flag, Mazzy Star, The Shaggs, Shonen Knife, and more. Episodes drop weekly starting January 10, 2024.


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The Cobain 50 Episodes

Dusty Henry dives into Millions of Dead Cops by MDC, a prime example of the powerful fusion between hardcore punk and politics. Click Here to Subscribe:

Martin Douglas dives into Rock for Light by Bad Brains. It's a story of how Black punks from one Washington (D.C.) influenced punk in the other Washington (sta…

On this International Clash Day, Dusty Henry dives into Combat Rock by The Clash. Click Here to Subscribe:

In the inaugural roundtable of our series, Dusty Henry, Martin Douglas, and Albina Cabrera dive into Kurt Cobain's list. Subscribe: .   &n…

Janice Headley dives into Dying for It by Scottish indie-pop duo The Vaselines (listed as Pink EP). Subscribe: .      

Dusty Henry dives into Surfer Rosa by The Pixies. It's arguably the most influential "alternative music" album of the '90s. Subscribe: .  &nbsp…

Martin Douglas kicks off the series by diving into Raw Power by The Stooges. Subscribe: .      

Each week, The Cobain 50 will dig into Kurt Cobain's famous list of his top 50 albums and how those artists influenced the sound of Nirvana. Subscribe: .…