Doris Anahí Paves a Path in 'Mija'

Sound & Vision
Hosted by Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens talks with Doris Anahí Muñoz about each of their favorite moments from the upcoming documentary, Mija, on Disney+.

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Doris Anahí Muñoz is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. She is also the subject of the new documentary, 'Mija,' which will be released on Disney+**. The film follows Doris as she starts her career in music management and grapples with the guilt of being the first American-born member of her family. “Mija”—the title of the film—comes from the first company Doris ever started, called “Mija Management,” but the word also translates directly to “my daughter” and is used as a term of endearment.

Rachel Stevens talks with Doris about each of their favorite moments from the film. They also discuss Doris' family's immigration story, her role as both an artist manager and a mentor, and how her path eventually led her back to making her own music.

**In this episode, we say that the film 'Mija' will be released on September 23rd, but the documentary release on Disney+ is postponed until further notice.

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