Apparently: JusMoni’s Letter to Her Son

Sound & Vision

Seattle musician JusMoni shares her story for our series Apparently, which explores artists who are juggling parenthood with their art. 

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Sound & Vision’s mini-series, Apparently, explores the stories of musicians and performers who are juggling parenthood with their art.

On this episode, Seattle musician JusMoni elaborates on the letter she wrote to her son, called "A Recollection of our Becoming," which she performed as a spoken word piece for Wing Luke Museum. The piece reflects on motherhood at 16, historical trauma, and freedom of the spirit. 

“Writing this letter to my son, felt really on time,” JusMoni says, “Especially digging into myself and recognizing my own traumas and realizing all the ways that that's affecting my parenting. I wanted to touch on themes without being super explicit around what the experience has been like for me to be Black and Asian. I wanted to lay out what ‘continuum' really looks like and what that looks like in our lives.”


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