Josiah Johnson Goes Solo After The Head & the Heart and Battle With Addiction

Sound & Vision
Hosted by Emily Fox

KEXP talks with Josiah Johnson, who just released his first solo album, titled Every Feeling On A Loop on September 4th.

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photo by Shervin Lainez

Josiah Johnson released his first solo album on September 4th. This comes five years after he was kicked out of The Head and the Heart for his struggles with addiction. They were in the middle of recording Signs of Light and Johnson wasn’t showing up to the studio or answering his phone. 

“They were like, we love you. Go figure your stuff out. We need to focus. We can’t worry whether or not you are alive,” Johnson explains.

After some soul searching, Johnson has found healing in music. He discusses his journey through recovery in his latest album, Every Feeling On A Loop.

Parts of this interview originally aired on the February 4th episode of the Sound & Vision podcast.

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