MAN ON MAN - It's So Fun (To Be Gay)

Song of the Day
Hosted by Larry Rose

Today's Song of the Day, as chosen by Larry Rose, host of Larry's Lounge, in honor of Pride, is "It's So Fun (To Be Gay)" by MAN ON MAN, from the 2021 album MAN ON MAN on Polyvinyl.

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pHOTO by A.F. Cortés
written by janice headley

This week's Song of the Day were selected by KEXP DJ Larry Rose in honor of Pride. Tune in Pride Weekend, Saturday and Sunday June 26th and 27th, from Noon to 6PM PT for a special lineup throughout the weekend with DJ Riz, Reverend Dollars, Michele Myers, and DJ Kennady, creating an On-Air Pride Party for us all to stay connected. More info here.

While others were baking banana bread or binging shows on Netflix, Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottum and his boyfriend Joey Holman started the music project Man on Man during the pandemic. 

“Roddy was just like, ‘We’re both musicians, let’s just do it to pass time.’ At first, we were just going to share with our friends,” Holman told Rolling Stone, but the online response to their debut single, "Daddy", was so enthusiastic. “They were like, ‘Thank you, I see myself in this. This is me.’ Which is so cool! People have never seen two gay guys who are a couple making the kind of music we’re making, writing about what we’re writing about, displaying it in the way we’re displaying it.”

Today's Song of the Day is a charming pop tune with a heartwarming accompanying video. "We wanted 'It's So Fun (To Be Gay)' to feel organic and warm with a strong, universal message," the band shared via a press statement. "For the video we aimed to focus on our community. Getting through the hardships of the past year, we leaned heavily on what we mean to each other in terms of support and understanding. We were in the middle of launching our Chosen Family project and had just finished linking people up for our penpal program and sourcing art for our quarterly zine. We thought the best way to exhibit the joy in the song would be to have a video full of our chosen family — friends, peers, and heros. So, we asked friends to share their love and lives and these queer testimonials are what make up the bulk of the video. Our togetherness and bond is key to moving forward in these times especially and we aimed to capture that bond and essence, particularly with Gay Pride 2021 on the horizon. It felt fitting to donate the launch-day's sales to Born Perfect, which is a non-profit whose mission is to end conversion therapy."

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