Maiah Manser - Walking Faster

Song of the Day
Hosted by Kevin Cole

Today's Song of the Day, as chosen by Kevin Cole, host of Drive Time on KEXP, is "Walking Faster" by Maiah Manser, a 2021 self-released single.

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pHOTO by Anna Azarov
written by jasmine Albertson

It’s been four years since Los Angeles-via-Seattle-via-Oregon musician Maiah Manser released her fantastic and far-too-succinct sophomore EP Second Skin. In that time, she’s been busy sharing stages with artists like CHVRCHES, Crystal Castles, and ODESZA, singing backup vocals alongside local luminary Mary Lambert for a few names you might recognize such as Sam Smith, Ariana Grande, and Pharrell Williams, and getting placements in the show Lucifer and at 2017’s Met Gala.

It now appears that, finally, Manser is ready to release new music out to the world. Today’s Song of the Day, “Walking Faster” is her first single in two years and a perfect reintroduction to an artist who clearly hasn’t lost her touch. Without any hesitation or introduction, Manser comes in swinging with the softly and speedily sung lines, “Giving up all my love /Just because that was what i was taught / Even though I don’t know who even said that,” while a glitchy electronic beat fights to keep up. From there, the song builds as Manser belts the chorus while drenched in reverb for a cathartic and catchy track that’s only snag is that it’s over too soon.

A new EP titled Third Degree is expected in 2022. Watch Manser’s 2017 KEXP in-studio performance below.



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