Mr Twin Sister - Polvo

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Hosted by Kevin Cole

Today's Song of the Day, as chosen by Kevin Cole, host of Drive Time on KEXP, is "Polvo" by Mr Twin Sister, from the 2021 album Al Mundo Azul on Twin Group.

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pHOTO by Karen Sofia Colon
written by jasmine Albertson

For over a decade now, Mr Twin Sister have been constantly reinventing their sound while somehow remaining completely underrated. From the dreamy baroque indie of their debut under the name Twin Sister to the infectious electro-pop of 2014’s Mr Twin Sister to the eclectic groove and slow jams on their last full-length, 2018’s Salt, the band has been constantly innovating while remaining almost completely under the radar.

Their newest forthcoming album, Al Mundo Azul, sees the New York-based band continuing this trajectory in dazzling fashion. Our Song of the Day, “Polvo,” might be the best representation of this new direction towards sheeny dance-pop. Influenced by the cumbia of frontwoman Andrea Estella’s maternal homeland of El Salvador, the song is a strutting dance track and one of the few in the band’s discography sung entirely in Spanish.

“‘Polvo’ is about how death fuels life, how we’re all connected, and how we must die in order to live,” Estella says of the song. “Polvo” is one five singles off of Al Mundo Azul shared ahead of the album’s November 19th release. Watch the video for single “Beezle,” directed by Estella, below.



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