Dioganhdih - Native New Yorker

Song of the Day
Hosted by Gabriel Teodros

Today's Song of the Day — as chosen by DJ Gabriel Teodros and special guest, indigenous art-ivist Calina Lawrence, as part of KEXP’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day programming — is "Native New Yorker" by Dioganhdih, a 2019 self-released single.

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photo by Ian R. Maracle
written by Janice Headley

A self-described "queer, non-binary, indigenous rapper, activist, and diversity consultant", Dioganhdih uses their music to celebrate the Haudenosaunee culture. On their latest single, they explain, "this single release details the life of a water protector living in a constant state of emergency and being propelled into action while living in occupation at Oceti Sakowin, Standing Rock in 2016." The track was recorded in Los Angeles with Ziibiwan, an Anishinaabe electronic artist, on beat and post production.

KEXP's DJ Gabriel Teodros says:


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