Tinariwen - Le Chant des Fauves

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Hosted by Darek Mazzone
Today’s song, featured on Wo'Pop with Darek Mazzone in recognition of World Refugee Day, is "Le Chant des Fauves" by Tinariwen, from the 2001 album The Radio Tisdas Sessions on Wayward Records.

In honor of World Refugee Day on Thursday, June 21st, this week's Songs of the Day were chosen by DJ Darek Mazzone, host of Wo'Pop, our modern global radio show on the air Tuesday nights from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. 

As a child growing up in the Sahara Desert region of northern Mali, Ibrahim Ag Alhabib was inspired by a western film where a cowboy played a guitar, and he cobbled together his own using a tin can, a stick, and bicycle brake wire. Decades later, he's a Grammy-Award-winning artist with his band Tinariwen, formed in 1979 with fellow exiled Tuareg musicians in refugee camps of Libya and Algeria.  

"Le Chant des Fauves" is the opening track on the band's 2001 debut LP, The Radio Tisdas Sessions, indeed recorded at local Tuareg station, Radio Tisdas. While the band had been self-releasing music on cassette for years, this was their first release on CD and their first to be distributed worldwide. A press release notes the difficult conditions the band worked in, noting "they were able to work only between 7pm and midnight, as those were the sole hours when electricity was available. The desert is an overwhelming presence throughout the album – you can hear the vast expanse of the landscape in the very grooves."

Tinariwen are embarking on an extensive world tour this year, including a Monday, October 7th show at the S. Mark Taper Foundation Auditorium in Benaroya Hall. Watch them perform today's featured track beneath a shady tree in Bamako, Mali below.

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