Crows - Chain of Being

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Hosted by Kevin Cole
Today’s song, featured on The Afternoon Show with Kevin Cole, is "Chain of Being" by Crows, from the 2019 album Silver Tongues on Balley Records

London punks Crows have been riotously tearing through venues in the UK for the last half-decade, slowly playing better and better shows until they caught the ear of IDLES’ James Talbot.

"I saw them play at the Louisiana in Bristol a few years ago and both the performance and the quality of their songs blew me away,” says Talbot. “Everything about them excites me; so when I heard they were looking to release an album, I had no choice but to chase them. It's a dream to work with them."

Talbot signed them to his label Balley Records to release their long-awaited debut album, Silver Tongues, released in March. Our Song of the Day is the record’s lead single, “Chain of Being,” a propulsive pounder that comes with a moody, symbolic video by Veronique Charlotte. Crows frontman James Cox says this about the song:

“I’ve a strong emotional link with this song. It is talking about the similarly strong emotional link people have with religion and how many use it as a crutch to not deal with their problems or feelings and instead blindly leaving everything up to a higher power. I understand of course that religion for some people is a source of peace but what I dislike is how religion can in turn also prey on their vulnerabilities.”

Below, watch the video for “Chain of Being.”



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