Los Mundos - Rompe Tu Guitarra

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Hosted by DJ Chilly
All this week, we are celebrating Mexican Independence Day (officially on Sunday, September 16th) by featuring all Mexican artists, as selected by DJ Chilly, host of El Sonido. Today’s song is "Rompe Tu Guitarra" by Los Mundos, from the 2018 album Ciudades Flotantes on AVANDADOOM.

Monterrey, Mexico’s Los Mundos make spacey psychedelic with riff-heavy guitar lines and fuzzed-out bass. Made up of just two people, Luis Angel Martinez and Alejandro Elizondo, they somehow manage to create a lush, full sound that most bands would need at least two more people to accomplish. Our Song of the Day, “Rompe Tu Guitarra” (which translates to “Break Your Guitar”) sees the band at their sludgiest and comes off of their latest record Cuidades Flotantes (Floating Cities), released in March. Los Mundos will be making the journey to Seattle this fall for Freakout Festival, which takes place November 16-17 In Ballard Historic Avenue District. Watch the band play a live version of "Rompe Tu Guitarra" for Sesiones Avandadoom below.



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