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Hosted by John Richards
Today’s song of the day, featured on The Morning Show with John Richards is "Miki Dora" by Amen Dunes from the 2018 album Freedom on Sacred Bones Records

Damon McMahon is finally following-up his fantastic 2014 Amen Dunes album Love next week with his fifth full-length Freedom. To announce the release, McMahon shared "Miki Dora." Based on the '60s surfer/financial criminal Miklos "Miki" Dora, McMahon sings of him in a warbly, emotional tone. McMahon had this to say about the song: "Miki Dora was arguably the most gifted and innovative surfer of his generation and the foremost opponent of surfing’s commercialization. He was also a lifelong criminal and retrograde: a true embodiment of the distorted male psyche. He was a living contradiction; both a symbol of free-living and inspiration, and of the false heroics American culture has always celebrated. With lyrics of regret and redemption at the end of one’s youth, the song is about Dora, and myself, but ultimately it is a reflection on all manifestations of mythical heroic maleness and its illusions." The song comes with a video starring Boomer Feith (son of fashion designer Tracy Feith) running through Manhattan, interspersed with vintage surf footage clips and shots of McMahon snarling the lyrics to the camera. Freedom is out March 30 via Sacred Bones. - Jasmine Albertson

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