The Dip - She Gave Me The Keys

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Today’s song, featured on The Morning Show with John Richards, is "She Gave Me The Keys” by The Dip, from the 2019 album The Dip Delivers on AWAL.

Seattle seven-piece ensemble The Dip return with the full-length The Dip Delivers out February 8th, 2019. It'll be their first album recorded in their new studio, named the Mustard Studio after the color of a couch found in the converted clothing store. 

In an interview with Billboard, drummer Jarred Katz notes that today's featured track was the one that took the band the longest to nail down. "We did numerous takes of the song. For some reason each time we couldn't quite get the sound or feel or couldn't get the right accompaniment. So we started tweaking and trying some different drums and things like that to get a more specific sound. We recorded a bunch of hand claps, tambourine, piano, all to create this sort of fun vibe that hopefully you can hear when you listen to it."

Katz explains that the lyrics came from frontman Tom Eddy's personal experiences: "It's something a lot of guys encounter, especially when your significant other is this awesome lady and she's got this beautiful car and she won't like you drive it because you're kind of a bum and you're in this rock 'n' roll band that's not doing that well. She has the power and you're along for the ride. But then when she relents and gives you the keys for that one ride, you feel like it's a great victory."

The Dip will celebrate the new album on February 16h at Neumos. 

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